Gastronomy – The good taste of fat

Gastronomy - The good taste of fat

Who said that – good – fat could not be popular?
Here are four ways to magnify culinary irreverence.

The meurette sauce:

The good taste of fat

It cannot be reduced to a simple red wine sauce. The murderer smells of beautiful escape in the Burgundy vineyards.

A – very – good pinot noir, shallot, garlic, thyme, bay leaf, parsley, flour, butter, sugar, salt, pepper, and voila.

This piece of bravery, which usually gets dirty with poached eggs, also readily pacts with snails, poultry, eel …

Whipped cream:

good taste of fat

In the mouth, it feels like a cloud is evaporating.

The whipped cream, which owes its name to the castle of the town of Oise where it would have been popularized by Vatel, in the 17th century, gives a feeling of lightness.

A sweetness filled with very cold liquid cream displaying at least 35% fat, a vanilla pod, and powdered sugar. Adding mascarpone makes it even more delicious.

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The good taste of fat delightlife

It is an ode to Provence. (Re) discovering aioli brings a taste to come back.

This mayonnaise flavored with a hint of crushed garlic in a mortar and a touch of saffron is linked to potato to soften its power.

An emulsion with an infinite repertoire: spread it on toast; dip raw or cooked vegetables in it; condiment steamed fish or grilled meats…

Butter of hotel supervisor:

Seeing him pass out on a burning rib steak or dozing off on a melting sole remains a spectacle in itself.

Butter of hotel supervisor is a classic among brasserie classics.

His unchanging recipe? Ointment butter – understand ultra-soft – impregnated with chopped flat parsley and flavored with lemon juice, before being seasoned with fleur de sel and freshly ground pepper.

A delightful taste of fat!

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