These 12 Female Athletes Could Be Models

These women who have chosen a sporting career also look beautiful, with some very popular female athletes having a very special charisma in addition to their slim and perfect look.

These women definitely could have made great modeling careers!

12. Courtney Force

Courtney Force is an American racing driver who participated in the NHRA Tour. She is distinguished by an attractive body with curves, a wide chest, gentle legs, and a gorgeous nose.

She appeared in ESPN Magazine very appealing as she covered her breasts with her arms and her long blonde hair looks amazing.

11. Laure Boulleau

This French soccer player impresses everyone with her pretty face. Yes, she has an angelic face, beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, and golden hair … She is really very beautiful.

Who would have thought that a woman would choose a career in football with her looks? It’s just pretty amazing that this athlete woman who has a princess’s face doesn’t model.

10. Kim Glass

Kimberly Marie Glass is an American multi-medal volleyball player thanks to her striking power and superb presence on the field.

With her lush hair, prominent ebony skin, and when she’s on the red carpet, she looks so stunning that we include her on the list.

Through photos of her in ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue, she proved an idealist who can make a modeling career sure.

9. Skylar Diggins

The basketball player is really Nike’s inspiration – nothing seems to be stopping her! Skyler is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, even if this fact doesn’t put her on the Miss Universe stage.

On the one hand, she knows how to make full use of her body and life as a basketball player. If she ever wanted to stop playing basketball, she could easily be a model.

8. Alizé Lim

The young tennis player fits well on the catwalks. She has a face that does not go unnoticed and a body that contributes to her perfection.

But Alize doesn’t even think about becoming a professional model. Not today, but who knows, maybe someday!

7. Lindsey Vonn

Lindsay Vaughn is an American alpine ski racer, who has won four all-around World Cup championships.

Everyone who sees her is dazzled by her beauty and whenever the opportunity arises, she does not fail to show her perfect body on social media. Some admire it and others see nothing special in it.

Let’s be objective today and say that this body could belong to a professional model.

6. Ana Ivanović

Ana Ivanovic is a professional Serbian tennis player, just looking at her can attract you with her seductive smile, which is what made her receive a lot of attention.

With such a beautiful look and face, it probably didn’t take much time to find a man who would fulfill all of her expectations!

Ana Ivanovic is one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the sexiest athletes.

5. Darya Klishina

As a tall jumper, this Russian athlete not only offers high performance, but also a special smile. She is the epitome of Slavic beauty par excellence and turns people heads all over the world.

Like most women in the East, Daria knows how to take care of her physical appearance making her one of the female athletes who can become models.

Although she decided to pursue a sports career, she does not neglect her femininity.

4. Alana Blanchard

The Hawaiian surfer juggles between her board and the lens of a fashion photographer. When does she start a real modeling career? We don’t know yet, but if she continues in this direction, she has a good chance of making a career as a model.

She has the right physique, the perfect facial expressions, which would make her an internationally successful model.

3. Christina Vukicevic

The Norwegian hurdler is enthusiastic about sports and always stands out next to her competitors.

Christina Vukicevic knows how to look beautiful and simple at the same time. But once she wears make-up and has a hairstyle done – all respect!

But she is really not a bling-bling woman. She is often seen in casual clothes and with a natural face.

2. Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is an American professional surfer, who has already won many world titles.

She is more than just beautiful in all the pictures that she posts on social media, and what makes her more beautiful is her height, which is 1.73 meters.

1. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is a Russian professional tennis player and has lived in the United States since 1994.

Blonde hair, smile, those eyes, her name, all of these qualities would have made Sharapova an easily successful model in every way.

Not only Sharapova one of the most beautiful athletes women in the world, but she is also the most beautiful face on Nike.

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