Top 10 Scary Cliff House on the Edge of Earth

Building a house on a cliff may get you stunning views, but is it worth the risk?

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most scary cliffside houses:

10. Monastery of Varlaam

Top 10 Scary Cliff Houses on the Edge of Earth

Perched on the peaks of towering sandstone pillars formed millions of years ago stand the Monastery of Meteora.

Most of which were constructed during the Middle Ages, the Greek word Meteora means suspended in the air, and this phrase sums up the design cues of these curious ancient gorgeous greek orthodox monasteries.

The site of the monasteries offer incredible views of Greece, showing the past and present all in one landscape, the second largest of the Meteora Monasteries.

The holy Monastery of Varlaam sits at a 1,200 foot summit, it was named after monk varlaam who lived on top of this rock as a hermit.

It offers a glimpse of the difficulties of the monks encountered when building their hilltop sanctuaries, it took 22 years to bring all the building materials to the summit.

The tower, receiving platform and rope basket used to hoist supplies are on display in the refectory museum.

Until the 20th century, the only way for visitors to reach varlaam was to be hoisted up as well, today 195 steps carved into the stone cliff face lead visitors to the summit. Inside frescoes cover the walls of the main chapel including a harrowing depiction of the apocalypse.

Now that it’s more accessible, but just think about how harrowing a journey that used to be how long in high would you climb to see a cultural and historical artifact.

9. Sutro Baths

Scary Cliff Houses on the Edge of Earth

The Cliff House and Sutro Baths in San Francisco could be the backdrop of multiple horror movies, their tales involve apparitions Satanists, explosions, dead children secret cemeteries, disastrous fires, mummies, shipwrecks, and Native American legends.

This one tiny corner of San Francisco has seen it all, a good place to start is the abundance of ghost sightings reported in the area, the most famous of which is the forlorn woman who wanders the rocks below the cliff house.

Legend has it the restless spirit is that of Nathalie Selena Harrison who in life reportedly waited on the shore and vain for her fiance to return from World War One, she died brokenhearted and people have been seeing her ghostly form since 1917 when the paranormal ghost.

Society investigated the area they claimed to pick up the sound of weeping on their instruments, while the Sutro Baths have seen better days in terms of its grandeur, the stories it leaves behind are sure to keep memories fresh.

Most investigators looking for the paranormal are fixated on the tunnel at the baths, once used to pump seawater into the indoor pools.
Legend has it that the spirits of a drowned woman and an older man frequent the spot, stories say that if you leave a lit candle in the tunnel, the spirit of the woman is summoned and she throws the candle into the ocean.

Outside the ghost sightings keep coming, there are multiple accounts of women dressed in Victorian-era attire strolling along the beach with parasols, as well as, turn-of-the-century bathers hanging around where the seven impressive pools used to be.

One of the spirits is rumored, to be Frank Denman who died in 1896 at the age of 16 having fallen headfirst from the ladder of a water slide into an empty cement tank.

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8: Skylodge Adventure Suites

Scary Cliff Houses

The thrill is the death-defying stunts you pull every time you rest your head.

These suites are glass lodges precariously attached to the side of a cliff in Peru’s Sacred Valley.

If you’re brave enough to stay, these crystalline pods are accessible only after you scale the sheer rock face in the valleys Rocky Mountain, up about 1,400 feet, or hike up a daring trail that includes a Zipline network.

Once you settle down for the night your treaty – impressive panoramic views of the wild valley below and at night the Milky Way.

Sky Lodge says that the motivation behind these dramatic lodges was to offer a unique experience that reconnects with nature or make them realize what luxury can be.

The Suites are the brainchild of an adventurer company nature Viva who wants their guests to embrace their inner adventurer.

Once you’re ready to leave your suite, you can zip wire down to the ground below, if you have the courage inside these 24 by 8-foot, pods guests are treated to views worth marveling over alongside four beds a dining area and a private bathroom.

The beds have down pillows and quilts ensuring you’ll sleep well if you aren’t distracted by stargazing or the perilous height at which you sit tethered to the side of a rock face.

7: Casa Brutale

Cliff Houses

Well, it has a name that seems scary enough, it might be the type of person who would live here who proves the scariest part of this yet-to-be-built own.

You’re constantly reminded of your place in the world wedged in a mountain hundreds of feet in the air, in case you forgot, by the floor-to-ceiling glass covering the entire cliff facing facade, which brings light in an amazing view of Fakhr a mountain outside Beirut in Lebanon.

At an altitude of 1969 feet above the ground, described by many as an ideal pad for Bond villains hustle brutally.

The viral project launched by architecture firm OPA in July 2015 was approved for construction in the following year but has yet to be finished.

The house is a cliff house, as it sits on the top of a crest in the mountain ridge, but it’s also technically subterranean since the foundation entire house will be wedged into the rock face itself flush with the ground inside of the escarpment.

The scariest part is the proposed balcony, which hangs free from the rest house and is completely exposed to the elements giving a perfect 180-degree view of the mountain range the house sits in.

This might be the scariest Cliff House for the construction crew to build if not the scariest to live inside.

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6: Holman House, Dover Heights

Scary Cliff Houses in the world

The Holman house sits on the edge of a 230-foot high cliff and over heights near Sydney Australia.
It has a viewing room for entertaining and eating at the top in the estate, with a panoramic view.

The floor plan and shape of the Holman House refers to Picasso’s painting the bather it contains a series of complex fluid living spaces set within a meandering perimeter that arcs folds and stretches in response to the Sun landscape and views.

Living and dining areas cantilever out over the ocean allowing dramatic views up and down the coast, the lower floor forms a base that is built from rough stone walls like an extension of the cliff below.

These walls continue along the cliff edge to form a series of terraced Gardens and a reinforced concrete form the upper deck.

For steel and climb pillars support the major overhang on the top floor, it is as scientifically impressive a build as it is beautiful to look at, but it doesn’t change the fact that the massive homemade of steel and other heavy materials is perched at the edge of a country staring out at a body of water hundreds of feet down below.

Engineering skills keep this building off the ground, but maybe any queasy visitors fear will keep them planted on land away from the overhangs and panoramic views.

5. Modscape’s Cliff

Australian architecture for Modscape designed a modern home, that could hang off the side of a cliff rather than sit on top of it.

Owners would be able to enter the home via a carport on the top floor while an elevator lift allows them to navigate through each of the descending living spaces, each of the buildings 5 modules would be connected to the side of a vertical rock face hanging right over the water.

This house is a clinger to add to the fear factor instead of something built into the cliff like Casa brutally or omen house.

Each floor of the house would be designed as a module that would be anchored to the rock face with engineered steel pins, and as the home’s roof would be leveled with the top of the cliffs, a carport would be used to lower residents and guests to the first floor.

What happens if the power goes out and you’re stuck down there?
The designers also envisioned a central staircase and elevator that would separate the homes to sides and minimal decor in order to keep the focus on the ocean.

Perhaps the calming waves and salt spray would distract you from the fact that you’re a couple of screws loose from going for a swim along with the house.

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4. cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde

The cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde are some of the most notable and best preserved in the North American continent.

During the late 1990s of the eleventh century, after primarily living on the Mesa top for 600 years, many Ancestral Pueblo people began living in pueblos so they built beneath the overhanging cliffs, the structures ranged in size from one-room storage units to villages of more than 150 rooms.

While still farming the Mesa tops, they continued to reside in the alcoves repairing, remodeling, and constructing new rooms for nearly a century.

By the late 70s of the 12th century, the population began migrating south into present-day New Mexico and Arizona by 1300, the ancestral Puebloan occupation of Mesa Verde ended.

To see the living spaces today, you have to climb long entrance ladders or wind your way up steep hills to get views of the dwellings, some of which are made up of tens upon tens of rooms that house ancestral Puebloan people.

3. Vertical camping

This isn’t a permanent structure but it is terrifying and it is a place you can call home if you have the knowledge and willingness to cling to a cliff while you sleep inside of a tent with the rise in popularity of recent climbing documentaries like “Free Solo Versus The Dawn Wall”.

the prospect of big wall climbing has drawn the attention of adrenaline junkies and climbing newbies alike, while professional climbers make it look easy.

The realities of big wall climbing involve a number of high altitude tricks and maneuvers, that the average outdoors person likely hasn’t even learned yet.
Things like carrying your supplies and storing your food are immensely more complicated on the side of a cliff not to mention disposing of waste, using the bathroom and for multi-day climbs vertical camping.

Several realities and truths about sleeping on a shelf in the sky make it very different from most people’s daily lives.

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2. House on the cliff and Alicante Spain

Geometric linear purity is characteristic of this project house on the cliff in the Alicante region of Spain.

The house is embedded in a very steep slope, this unusual and highly difficult plot of land inspired an imaginative three-dimensional shape, which invites a startling visual dialogue with its surroundings.

Nestled in the rocks, the house is literally suspended over the contour of the hill giving visitors the feeling of vertigo as they gaze over the houses edge downwards made of concrete it is insulated from the outside but also covered by white lime stucco selected by the architects for its flexibility and smoothness.

1 . Villa Scarpa in Algarve, Portugal

The dreamy landscape of Portugal’s Algarve a region lends itself to eccentric architecture.

Villa Escarpa is a white geometric giant bouncing over a steep escarpment, overlooking the village of Praia de luz due to strict rules regarding construction on this coastline.

The structure could not exceed the footprint taken up by the previous house, but architect Mario martins found a spectacular way to make the best of a relatively small plot despite the home being on the edge of a steep graded cliff the size constraints and very strong winds that came whipping up the face of the home.

The villa Escarpa managed to be beautiful daring and safe to live in despite two challenges the location on which it was built.

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